The EME Aero investment is entering the implementation phase

The construction of one of the biggest global and most advanced MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)  facilities will start in upcoming days, with first earthworks. The general contractor has been already selected.  The initial investment is going to reach 150 million euros until entry into service in 2020. Over the next years minimum  800 employees will find employment..

On May 22, at the Marshal's Office of the Podkarpackie Province, a meeting of the management board of EME Aero with ministers and representatives of local authorities took place. The completed and planned stages of the investment have been presented so far, as well as the company's vision has been presented and a number of benefits have been discussed, which entails placing it in the Podkarpacie region. All the activities that have been successfully completed in the last dozen of months have been exchanged, as well as the next key stages of investment development.

Today's ceremony is another proof of the correctness of changes and activities realized as a part of the government's economic policy. Policy, which is based on development driven by modern, technologically advanced and prospective investments. Creation, not imitation. I am convinced that thanks to the combination of two huge potentials of global leaders in their field, this venture will provide the inhabitants of the region as well as the local and national economy with significant added value. – underlines Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Tadeusz Kościński

Due to the number of companies and initiatives related to the aviation industry, Podkarpacie was considered to be one of the most favorable region to the development of aviation. Thanks to large number of highly specialized experts, universities and industry schools educating both pilots and mechanics as well as machine and aviation construction specialists, the Podkarpackie province has the staff ready to undertake work in this type of plant. The favorable business environment that knows and understands needs of the aviation industry played an important role in choosing the location. Location is also beneficial from a logistic point of view, thanks to good air transport network to Germany and the proximity of the motorway which is very important for the transport of engines with trucks. After a thorough analysis of possible locations, we chose Podkarpacie as the best place to open this type of plant   -  says Derrick Siebert, Member of the Management Board of EME Aero, Managing Director of Business, CEO.  Now, we are entering a new phase of the project. We are convinced that  the cooperation between EME Aero and local entities and authorities will be successful. - adds D. Siebert. 

- Acquiring such a prestigious investment is a great success for the Podkarpackie province. Today we have learned more about the scale of this investments and the new technologies that will be implemented in the plant. The company will have a significant impact on the economic development of the entire region. I am all the happier, especially given the fact that the province self-government actively supported the investor at every stage of the location decision. The Investor and Exporter Assistance Center, which operates at the Marshal's Office, has been involved in comprehensive investor service from the very beginning of investment implementation, i.e. from the moment of searching for investment area. The Center also supported the activities of local self-government and other entities, which translated into presenting the company with an attractive investment offer. The province authorities make every effort to create a positive climate for investors and I am very happy that our actions have brought such a positive effect. The fact that it was possible to attract such a significant investment to the region demonstrates high potential of Podkarpacie. I hope that this success will translate into further benefits for the region. – summarizes Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpacie Province

- Construction of one of the most modern Lufthansa and MTU service centers is a joint success of the ministry of development, the province office of Podkarpacie and Polish Investment and Trade Agency.  By supporting such highly innovative ventures, we implement the assumptions of the Responsible Development Strategy, ensuring at the same time the transfer of specialist knowledge to Poland. I would like to add that this investment is one of the effects of discussions which took place at last year's Hannover Messe Trade Fair. This confirms the openness and trust that investors from behind the Oder have in us - says Tomasz Pisula, President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which helped to select the plot for the construction of the plant and participated in negotiations regarding state aid.

The EME Aero offer will include technical support, general inspections and servicing of aircraft engines. According to the assumptions, from the beginning of its opening in 2020, the facility annual capacity is over 400 shop visits of PW1000G series geared turbofan (GTF)  engines which power the Airbus A320neo family and other commercial narrow body aircrafts. The company will strive to become a global leader in the service market of GTF engines and join the group of the best employers in the region. The new facility will introduce at the same time,  high  technologies and environmentally friendly solutions.  Very strong emphasis will be placed on the implementation of the highest standards in terms of safety and quality of work. It will be possible, among others thanks to the fact that EME Aero will have its own training center, in which during the 15 months newely recruited will learn the basics of theoretical and practical aspects of tasks related to work in the facility.  The training center will start to operate in July this year.

 - A key element of our company's innovation are new technologies that we will use in our everyday work, constant improvement of our employees' qualifications and the ability to support their interests and talents, as well as high involvement in the local market and among the local community. Currently, recruitment process is well on its wayt. Moreover, EME Aero employees can count on numerous benefits but also personal and career development in the international environment. - ensures Uwe Zachau, Member of the Management Board of EME Aero, Managing Director of Operation, COO




Additional information:


EME Aero is a joint venture between two internationally recognized aviation companies:  Lufthansa Technik AG based in Hamburg and MTU Aero Engines AG based in Munich. Tthe articles of association has been signed in December 2017. The purchase of the land for construction of the plant has been completed in March 2018. A dozen of employees have already found employment in the company. The first earthworks are going to be started this month. According to the timeline, at the beginning of the coming year, the construction of the plant will be in the building shell, and one year later it will start its operational activity. The company will realize MRO services for the new generation GTF engines from PW1000G family.


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