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Vision and values

Responsibility for the environment and staff

Lufthansa Technik and MTU Aero Engines are achieving their vision of creating one of the most advanced GTF MRO facilities worldwide. The state-of-the-art shop is being constructed in Southeastern Poland, in Jasionka, close to the city of Rzeszów. EME Aero takes direct advantage of the know-how and technology offered by both shareholders, to ensure world class services based on decades of experience. The use of advanced technologies, as well as ensuring the repair and maintenance of engines by highly specialized and qualified technicians, guarantee that the services will be to the highest standards. At the same time, EME Aero service center will also meet the highest requirements for environmental standards and safe conditions of work.


Pillars of the EME Aero Strategy

One of the most advanced GTF MROs worldwide


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Opportunities for the region

Highly-skilled, versatile workforce and infrastructure

The Podkarpackie region was chosen as the most suitable for the EME Aero facility due to the favorable investment climate, well prepared staff, excellent business facilities and the presence of a number of entities experienced in working with the aviation industry. The development of such a large and technologically advanced facility will bring a range of opportunities to the local communities in the area. Not only will the project increase employment by about 1000, it will also include the involvement of technical schools, high schools and universities in the region, especially those with educational profiles related to the company activity.