Find out our company values


At EME Aero we believe that what motivates and drives us to develop and perform effectively is the passion that unites all EME Aero employees. Passion driven performance is the mission of our company.

High Performance, Think Different, Honest Responsibility & Happy People are EME Aero's four core values, which were chosen by a vote of the employees themselves. The values, together with the selected sub-values, form the expected behavior of all EME Aero employees and suggest attitudes that we all strive to bring to life in our daily work. What does it mean? We believe that only happy, committed and passionate people are able to work effectively, develop and make a valuable contribution to EME Aero. We believe that the way we work every day and understand and conduct our business is as important as our business success.

Inviting Employees to jointly shape the company's values and goals was the first step in building EME Aero's culture. The live vote to select the final list of values and sub-values became a living example of how every EME Aero employee has an equal say in shaping the future of the company.

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