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EME Aero is a joint venture between two leading aircraft companies, Lufthansa Technik AG (50%) and MTU Aero Engines AG (50%). This joint initiative has resulted in the idea of creating one the most advanced engine overhaul service provider for the latest generation of geared turbofan engines from the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engine series.

The state-of-the-art facility is located in Poland, in Jasionka, close to the Rzeszow city. The facility started its operations in January 2020. The full operational readiness is planned for 2026 with annual capacity of more than
450 shop visits.

The newly established center will have a staff of more than 1000 qualified employees.

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The new EME Aero engine facility handles maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services of the latest generation of Pratt & Whitney GTF engines. The facility started its operations in January 2020, with a planned annual capacity of more than 450 shop visits of geared turbofans as of 2026.

EME Aero will have full capability for PW1100G-JM, PW1500G and PW1900G engines, including overhaul, maintenance, restoration of productivity and some types of repair. After disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repairs and reassembly, the engines undergo further diagnostics before being tested in the one of the most advanced test cells in Europe.
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Change on the CEO position at EME Aero

After leading EME Aero for nearly four years, Derrick Siebert, CEO and Managing Director of Business passed on the baton to Dr. Ulf Reinmöller, as of on October 1, 2021.

EME Aero has introduced new engine type to its portfolio, offering to the GTF network PW1500G engine series maintenance service

New engine type in EME Aero portfolio; PW1500G commercial engine, powering the Airbus A220 capabilities for GTF network. Two GTF engine types capabilities: PW1100G-JM and PW1500G including full maintenance process: disassembly, assembly and testing. Innovative assembly system supporting the annual volume of 450 shop visits’ as of 2026.



EME Aero Sp. z o.o.
Jasionka 949
36-002 Jasionka

Phone: +48 17 7717 000


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